Why Is Protein-Rich Haircare Essential For Repairing Damaged Hair?

You have probably heard talk of protein being important to repair hair. But just why is this? Read on to find out why—and how to use the HASK Protein Keratin Collection to repair your hair damage.

Why is protein essential for damaged hair?

Protein is an essential building block of hair. The hair structure is made up of proteins, primarily keratin, which provide hair with important characteristics of its health, such as strength, flexibility, and elasticity.


However, when hair becomes damaged—overly chemically processed (dyed) or subjected to heat damage—it’s the proteins in our hair that become damaged. This damaged protein structure leads to hair that is dull, limp, stingy, and weak.


That’s why it’s important to add essential proteins back into damaged hair. Firstly, the best source of protein for hair comes from within (from food). Eggs, fish, legumes, and nuts are all good sources of protein for hair. Secondly, protein can be added back into hair with quality hair care products that are high in protein.


How to improve your hair health with HASK Keratin Protein

The HASK Keratin Protein Collection has been specifically formulated to add essential proteins back into the hair to strengthen it from within. So, if your hair is damaged, dyed, feeling weak, or feeling dull… HASK Keratin Protein is right for you! This protein-rich range works to make your hair stronger and smoother by fortifying its strands with keratin, keratin amino acids, hydrolysed keratin, hydrolysed collagen, glycerin, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and more.


HASK Keratin Protein Shampoo & Conditioner fortifies the hair with protein + softens and renews to prevent frizz.


HASK Keratin Protein Deep Conditioner is an ultra-restorative mask that smooths and moisturises overprocessed hair.


HASK Keratin Protein 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray detangles, smooths, hydrates, boosts shine, and provides strong heat protection.


HASK Keratin Protein Hair Oil instantly absorbs to provide a gorgeous shine, reduce frizz, and leave hair feeling soft and smooth.