Our 3 Top Summer Hairstyles of 2023

While we love a slicked pony and the simple yet brilliant claw clip, there are so many more hairstyles that can add an extra element to your summer style. Take a break from the heat this summer with these easy and chic hairstyles. Read on to discover our top three favourite summer hairstyles of 2023 and how you can achieve the look.

Bubble Braid

This summer style is so cute and stylish but super easy to achieve! Don’t be fooled by the word ‘braid’ in the name. You actually don’t need to know how to perfect the bubble braid! To start, use HASK Hair Oil to smooth your strands and add a gorgeous high shine. For summer we love the HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Hair Oil. Warm a few drops of oil together in your hands (use more if you have long or thick hair). Smooth oil over dry hair, focusing on lengths, ends, and any dry areas. Next, pull your hair into a ponytail—high, low, or even pigtails, however, you’d prefer. Secure your pony or pigtails with a hair elastic. Add a second elastic a little further down to create a small section. Once secured, gently tug at the edges of the section to create a round ‘bubble’. Once you’re happy with the shape, move on to your next section and repeat until your bubble braid is complete.



Pineappled Curls

For your second, third- or fourth-day curls, or when the weather is simply too hot to handle, opt for pineappled curls. The trick to a beautiful pineapple updo is starting with a voluminous and textured foundation (which is exactly why the style works so well for curly hair!). For second, third- or fourth-day hair, boost your roots and add volume with the HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumising Dry Shampoo. Part your hair and spray on the scalp, repeating as many times as needed. Flip your head upside-down to gently shake out and fluff your roots. Use a hair pick if you have one! Next, flip your head upside-down and scoop your hair to the very top of your head, smoothing the back of your hair. Secure hair with an elastic band or scrunchy, and flip over. Fluff up your curls and sit them facing towards the front. If you’d like, pull out a few face-framing curls and you’re good to go.



French Roll Up-Do

Are you after a sleek and polished look for your next summer event? Try this easy French roll. To start, sweep all your hair behind your shoulders. Loosely gather all the hair on the right side of your head together at the back. To do this, sweep the bottom right side of your hair up and toward the centre-back of your head. Hold this in place while smoothing down the top and back of your hair and pulling out any small face-framing pieces. While holding hair in place, slide a bobby pin up the back of your hair to secure as much hair as possible into place. Secure a second bobby pin across the first from the righthand side. Secure a third bobby pin from the top down. If your hair needs more to secure into place, simply add more bobby pins as needed. Next, gather all hair on the left side of your head together and out towards the left-hand side. Use a clear elastic to create a small, looped bun at the very end of your hair. Take this small ‘bun’ and roll your hair up into itself, ending at the centre of your head where the bobby pins are secured. Hold this roll tightly to your head with your left hand while tucking in any loose pieces with your right. Continue to keep hold with your left hand while securing your roll into place by sliding bobby pins into the right side of the bun until it is secure. Spray your hair generously with hairspray to finish.