Meet Australian actress, Mercy Cornwall

An Australian actress on the rise, Mercy Cornwall is making waves with her starring role in the 2022 feature film Mistletoe Ranch. Read on to get to know Mercy and learn as she shares her knowledge on taking care of blonde hair.


Meet Mercy

Actor Mercy Cornwall began pursuing acting as a serious career just three years ago. Since then, her successful film and TV career has already begun with a bang, playing the lead role of Izzie in the teen drama series Dive Club (Netflix) and the starring role of Aimée in the 2022 Christmas film Mistletoe Ranch. With a BA in Law & History, Mercy is also a gifted singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist.


Born and raised in Perth, Mercy shares, “I had a lovely childhood drenched in the sun. Music was my first love. I did singing lessons from the age of four and started learning guitar at age 11. My darling parents and brother did not miss a single performance or recital and they are still such pillars of strength for me today. My love for singing allowed me to take place in school musicals and this kindled my love for acting and creating characters.”


Let’s talk hair on-set and caring for blonde hair

When it comes to caring for blonde hair, constant heat styling caused by regular on-set styling can throw a spanner in the works. To keep her blonde hair in healthy condition, Mercy regularly treats her hair to an ultra-nourishing haircare regime just for her hair type.


“A strict haircare routine is so important,” shares Mercy. “If I know there is a big day of heat styling ahead, I will ensure I am prepared with heat protectant from a HASK 5-in-1 Spray. I will put a HASK Hair Mask on a day or two before to ensure my hair is smooth, without being too soft to style. I will also ensure I am treating my hair with ingredients such as keratin and argan oil to really nourish and smooth my hair.”

As someone with blonde hair, Mercy knows from experience that regular sun exposure can cause her hair to become brassy. “It doesn’t help that my natural colour is brassy, too! For continuity purposes, this is less than ideal. It would look ridiculous if in one scene I am a bright, creamy blonde and then in the next look borderline redhead!”

To combat this, Mercy uses haircare purpose-designed to negate this effect and keep her blonde hair looking cool, fresh, and bright. “I maintain my colour through a violet-based shampoo and conditioner to counteract any brassy tones. I love the HASK Blonde Care range for this. The purple tone counteracts any brassiness and keeps my blonde bright.”


Looking to the future, Mercy is most excited about: “Hopefully getting to play a whole range of cool characters. That, and the ability to travel around the world meeting many quirky and creative people!”