Girl Taking Care of Hair

Introducing the HASK Argan Oil Miracle Damage Repair Cream

Worried about split ends and frizzy hair? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, the new HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream, formulated with Argan Oil, is your new rescue remedy for dry, damaged strands. Just one use with the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream leaves hair instantly hydrated, frizz-free, and unbelievably soft. 

Formulated with the ‘miracle oil’ from Morocco, the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream champions the repairing benefits of Argan Oil combined with our unique Cuticle Smoothing Complex. Just what benefits does the new HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream deliver? 

Targets specific hair concerns 

We created the new HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream with our customers in mind, allowing you to target specific hair concerns without going to a salon for special treatments. As a natural antioxidant as well as a rich source of Vitamin E and omega fatty acids, Argan Oil is able to effectively target a wide range of hair concerns—from severe dehydration to frizzed-out locks. Additionally, our Cuticle Smoothing Complex, made with Rice Protein and Rice Extract, has been scientifically proven to strengthen and protect hair by coating and protecting it against environmental stressors.  

A speciality treatment  

Unique from other products within the HASK Argan Oil range, the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream has been designed as a speciality treatment—to be used only when hair needs an extra repairing boost. When used as a leave-on treatment, the formula provides extra strength by coating the hair and nourishing its cuticles, meaning the efficacy of the product actually works to prevent future damage and split ends.  

Fights frizz and adds shine 

By nourishing hair from the inside out, the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream improves the overall appearance of your hair by fending off frizz and adding a lustrous shine to your locks. Great for use before styling, the nourishing ingredients of the miracle cream also act as a thermal protectant by sealing in protective moisture before you apply heat. 

Shop now to experience the benefits of the new HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream—now available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.