How To Take Care Of Your Blonde Hair, With Mercy Cornwall

Mistletoe Ranch star Mercy Cornwall is no stranger when it comes to the dedicated haircare involved with having gorgeous blonde hair. Read on to learn Mercy’s movie star-worthy tips and tricks on how to step up your game when taking care of your blonde hair.

When it comes to having blonde hair and maintaining its health throughout months of on-set styling, Mercy Cornwall is something of a veteran. “Being naturally strawberry-coloured, I have been dyeing my hair light blonde for years,” shares Mercy. “I have realised that a strong haircare regime with excellent products is imperative. Both before coming on-set and when I get home.”


Why does blonde hair need extra care?

Blonde and lightened hair is more delicate than other hair colours, especially when it has undergone the dyeing process. What this means is that blonde hair is especially susceptible to all the main culprits known to cause damage to hair.


From heat styling to exposure to the sun, wind, salt, and chlorine, Mercy’s work as an actress in Australia can cause unavoidable damage to her hair, especially during her time filming in Far North Queensland when filming Dive Club. Mercy explains: “Dyeing my hair paired with the constant exposure to heat styling and the elements caused my hair to become damaged and brittle.”


How can blonde hair damage be prevented and repaired?

To get her hair health back on track, Mercy credits sticking to a strict and targeted haircare routine for blonde hair. “I was really strict with my haircare once I wrapped for the day. In fact, it was often the first thing I did once I got home,” says Mercy. “I would shampoo, leave a deep conditioning mask on for 10 minutes, rinse, then apply hair oil and 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray onto towel-dried hair. I did this religiously to minimise the damage to my hair caused by the elements… I also ensure that I treat my hair with ingredients such as keratin and argan oil to really nourish and smooth my hair after its exposure to heat, chlorine, salt water, UV light, wind, etc.”


Fighting the discolouration and yellow/orange tones that can be caused by sun exposure is an essential part of Mercy’s routine. “If my hair is brassy, I will combat that with a violet-based shampoo to ensure that my hair is nice and bright on camera. I love the HASK Blonde Care range for this. The purple tone counteracts any brassiness and keeps my blonde bright. Vitamin C in the HASK Blonde Care range keeps my hair looking shiny and feeling healthy.”