HOW TO: Style Your Hair With Dry Shampoo

While we often think of dry shampoo as a quick fix for bad hair days—it’s also a great tool that can be used to achieve styles that ‘speak volumes’. Here are three ways you can use dry shampoo to up your hair styling according to Hollywood hair stylists.


  1. Create texture

“I love to style with hair that’s a day or two not washed, which is one of the reasons I love dry shampoo. I think it creates more texture,” explains stylist Cheryl Marks. “Right now, where we are with hair, we’re very into the natural look and I find myself using dry shampoo for everything. I can get that textured look without weighing it down.”


“Keeping your style looking fresh for a few days is easy,” says Cheryl. “When going to bed, keep it up on your head using a scrunchy to keep your hair off your neck. In the morning turn, find the right dry shampoo—I love the HASK Purifying Charcoal Dry Shampoo—and your head upside-down. Then massage it into your scalp and flip your head over.”



  1. Make your hairstyle last longer

Is your hairstyle falling flat, becoming oily, or just not lasting as long as you’d like it to? Stylist Linda Flowers shares: “The secret is a good dry shampoo to absorb the oils and let you get a few extra days out of your style.”


“A lot of the time I’ll prep the base of the hair using a dry shampoo, because throughout the day, you’re going to stimulate oil. So, this prep gives the base of the hair a bounce and reduces the chance of that oil coming through.”



  1. Add body and volume to thin/fine hair

Stylist Jess Elbaum shares: “I have fine hair myself, so I learned the tricks at a young age. Anything you can do to prep the hair before styling and build a good foundation is key to giving fine hair volume, and for it to have a good ‘shelf life’.”


When it comes to adding body to fine/thin hair, stylist Nadia Stacey shares: “Dry shampoo has become a saviour. The HASK Biotin Boost Dry Shampoo really gives hair a boost to give you something to work with. It makes it pliable before you get to work with your styling tools.”