How to Refresh Curly Hair Between Wash Days

Are you interested in refreshing your gorgeous waves, curls, or coils between wash days… and extending your ultimate hair look, without over-washing? If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover how to expertly refresh your curly (or wavy or coily) hair between wash days.

Why refresh your curls between washes?

For those of us with curly hair, there are so many reasons why we can (and, often, should) wait longer between wash days! From the fact that our natural hair oils take longer to travel down to the hair shaft (and for the hair to become overall oily and ‘in need of a wash’), to the fact that most curly hair types are naturally drier… to simply the extra effort that it can take to wash and care for curly hair… when it comes to having curls, the ‘curl refresh’ can be a real saving grace.

If you’re ready to give the ‘curl refresh’ a go… here’s our ultimate guide!

Step-by-step curl refresh:

  1. Wet hair with a spray bottle

When it comes to refreshing (ALL) curly hair and curl types—ensuring that your hair is wet enough is absolutely key. If frizz or dryness is any kind of an issue for you, ensuring that your hair is wet before applying any more product is super important. Fortunately, this first step is easy and inexpensive, with simple spray bottles easily accessible from the dollar store or supermarket.

  1. Apply a hydrating curl cream or leave-in

Once your curls are decently saturated with your spray bottle, ensuring that you add moisture back into your curls is essential. A main reason that causes curly hair to become ‘in need’ of a refresh’ is its dry nature. To counteract the frizz that occurs due to this ‘drying out’ effect, adding moisture back into the hair is essential. For your curl refresh, try the HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray. If your hair is quite dry, frizzy, or unruly, we recommend adding in the HASK Curl Care Curl Defining Cream, too.

  1. Style and define

Once you’ve applied your essential products, re-defining any loose or particularly unruly pieces is a great next step—particularly if your hair is in the ‘transitioning’ (returning to good health) stage, or if you feature a ‘face-framing’ hairstyle. To take this next step, ensure that these hair pieces in need of defining are wet enough and have enough product. Next, redefine these pieces by finger-rolling, brush-styling, or scrunching—whatever is your preferred method.

  1. Add finishing touches and diffuse

If you’re looking for extra definition, glaze a small amount of gel over your styled curls—then diffuse as desired, taking care not to disrupt your curls too much as you go. Finally, it’s time to ‘scrunch out the crunch’ (gel cast) left behind by your gel and products. We suggest adding a few drops of lightweight oil to your fingertips and gently scrunching hair upwards until the gel cast softens. The HASK Argan Oil or Keratin Protein Hair Oils work really well for this final step!