HOW TO: Make Your Blonde Hair Shine

It’s true, blondes have more fun… but there’s also more ‘work’ involved behind the scenes to keep blonde hair healthy! And for bottle blondes—dull, dry, brassy hair is the enemy. Thankfully, HASK has you covered. Here’s our guide to bringing out your shiniest, healthiest blonde hair.


Regular trims with a good stylist

While most stylists work with blonde hair, there is a big difference between those that are okay and those that do it really well. Whether you are going blonde for the first time or are a regular ‘bottle blonde’—take your time to find a professional stylist who truly knows how to work blonde hair. Choosing someone who knows in professional terms what your blonde hair needs will make or break your hair’s health in the long term.


Know your ingredients

With the stress it goes through during the dyeing process, blonde hair has more intense needs than other hair colours. Blonde hair (natural and dyed) is also more susceptible to sun and environmental damage (mostly due to its more porous structure). To ensure that your hair stays healthy and shiny, choose ingredients that are beneficial for blondes. Get started with HASK Blonde Care which has everything you need—elderberry oil, packed full of essential nutrients, and vitamin C for an antioxidant boost that will make your hair shine.


Use purple toning formulas

Purple-toned formulas are essential for most blonde hair—i.e., every blonde who wants to avoid yellow and orange tones from creeping in. Purple shampoo works to ensure blonde hair stays bright by adding cool tones from the opposite end of the colour wheel than yellow. HASK Blonde Care has a highly pigmented purple formula that counteracts brassy tones and allows your blonde hue to take centre stage.