How to Care for Your Scalp and Promote Hair Growth

Did you know that improving your scalp health is a great way to promote hair growth? Giving your scalp a little extra care and ensuring that it is healthy and balanced has been shown to promote hair growth, as well as minimise breakage and hair loss. Read on to discover our top tips and tricks for taking care of your scalp and promoting hair growth.


  1. Nourish your scalp

While it’s well-known that our hair and skin can dry out, our scalp often needs some extra TLC, too! Always take care of your scalp and provide it with the nourishment that it needs by adding a shampoo and conditioner dedicated to taking care of your scalp health into your routine. For a soothing herb-scented scalp refresh, try the HASK Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner. Purpose-designed to lift impurities and nourish the scalp, adding this duo into your haircare routine is a simple yet powerful way to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth.


  1. Use a clarifying shampoo

Every so often, add a clarifying shampoo into your haircare routine to thoroughly remove build-up, refresh your scalp and ensure that it is as clean and balanced as possible. The benefits of clarifying your scalp include removing product buildup, dirt, and impurities, restoring the natural pH balance of your hair, preventing bacterial growth on your scalp, soothing an itchy and irritated scalp, and regulating sebum (oil) levels on your scalp. Start by adding a (sulphate-free!) clarifying shampoo into your haircare routine once a month.


  1. Start using scalp masks

As the place where our hair grows from, it’s so important to ensure that we keep our scalp as healthy as possible. The healthier your scalp, the more hair growth you are likely to have! Introduce a refreshing scalp mask into your haircare routine to refresh and nourish your scalp without causing build-up. Try the HASK Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask for a three-minute treatment that will provide your strands with a moisturise boost and leave your scalp feeling soothed and rebalanced.


Bonus tip: Give yourself scalp massages

Scalp massages are an easy way to promote hair growth (that won’t cost you a thing!). By stimulating the hair follicles and improving blood flow, regularly massaging your scalp can work some pretty cool wonders for improving hair growth. Try gently massaging your scalp for a few minutes every few days, or every day if you can!