How To Care For Your Curly Hair, With Australian Actress, Luca Sardelis

Often spotted sporting her gorgeous natural curls, Australian actress Luca Sardelis shares the top tips she uses to care for her curly hair. Read on to learn Luca’s top tips for keeping her curly hair in great condition with an easy, low-maintenance haircare routine.

 Nourish your curly hair with moisture

Are you learning to care for your curly hair? Get started caring for your curls and achieve healthy, defined curls, with the help of Luca. A self-professed lover of easy and lazy haircare, if you want to enhance your hair without fuss or difficult styling, Luca’s advice is just right for you.

Luca’s top piece of advice for someone new to curly haircare is to moisturise well and find products that work for you. “A good curly hair mousse such as the HASK Curl Care Enhancing Mousse or the HASK Curl Care Curl Defining Cream is so helpful when trying to achieve defined and voluminous curls. If you make sure to scrunch that into your hair when you’ve just come out of the shower and it’s still wet, you can’t go wrong,” shares Luca, as her number-one tip for those new to curly haircare. “In saying this, you need to find what works for you. If your hair is finer, you may find heavier products weigh down your curls and more lightweight sprays such as the HASK Curl Care 5 in 1 Leave In Spray or mousses are the way to go.”

Always protect your curls from heat and harsh ingredients

If you choose to heat style your hair, as can often be the case when working on-set and undergoing constant styling, providing your curls with effective heat protection is a must. Welcome to the HASK Keratin Protein range. This range is your new friend,” advises Luca. “I LOAD my hair up with all of the Keratin Protein heat protectant Leave-in Spray prior to straightening to coat my hair and put a barrier between it and the heat of my straightener. Add heat protectant sprays and creams before you straighten, but also follow up with hair oil to smooth your hair and nourish your ends post-straightening. This tends to give you a smoother finish, too.”

When it comes to curly haircare brands, ‘transparency, natural ingredients, and a curl-specific range’ are Luca’s non-negotiables. “I don’t wish to be unnecessarily harsh on my hair or my skin with irritating ingredients like alcohols, sulphates and parabens,” Luca explains. “For this reason, beauty products free of these are a bonus and an insurance policy for the long-term well-being of my hair.”