HOW TO: Achieve Your Best Hair Yet in 2024

2024 has arrived. Let’s make it your best hair year yet! Here’s the ultimate HASK guide for how to improve your hair, protect its health for the long term, and achieve the best hair days you’ve ever had.


Step 1: Big changes

Taking a leap by making smart, effective changes to your overall hairstyle, length and look can have a big impact. Really think about and answer the question: What style and personality do you want to portray? Hair is SO versatile and can make such an impact on how you look overall. Do your research, take a minute to be sure and then make any smart major hairstyle changes first. For ideas and inspiration, read our blog on How To Choose A Haircut That Complements Your Features.


Step 2: Prioritise your hair health year-round

Really good hair health comes with consistent hair kindness. 2024 is the year to make the intentional commitment to prioritise your hair health year-round—not intensely for the short term, but consistently for the long term! This means consistent care, less heat styling, more hair masks, and treatments targeted to your specific hair type and hair needs.


Step 3: Cut out fake friends

It’s 2024: We don’t have any time left for nasty ingredients that slow sap your hair health and hold you back! It’s time to embrace hair kindness and cut out all bad ingredients from your haircare. A common culprit in haircare is sulphates (such as sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate, and similar variations). Other nasty ingredients that we no longer have time for include phthalates, parabens and drying alcohols. Cut these out and opt for clean beauty brands only.


Step 4: Embrace and enhance your natural texture

If you haven’t already, 2024 is the year to embrace your natural hair. What this really means is, number one: loving and appreciating your natural hair texture and type. While a lot of the beauty world focuses on ‘fixing’ and addressing hair problems, we’re here to remind you that your natural hair is beautiful, and haircare’s job is to enhance it. This leads us to number two: work with what you’ve got and bring out the best that means for you. Select hair care products that are targeted to your hair type to ensure that it stays healthy and that you are enhancing your hair’s best natural features.