Argan oil miracle damage repair

How does the HASK Argan Oil Miracle Damage Repair Cream’s Cuticle Smoothing Complex work?

The latest HASK product to dropthe HASK Argan Oil Miracle Damage Repair Creamfeatures a Cuticle Smoothing Complex that has been scientifically proven to strengthen hair from within and provide immediate repairing results.  

Designed for use as an intensive leave-on treatment, the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream works on all hair typesfrom straight, thin hair to thick, curly locks, and every hair type in between. The benefits of the product come from argan oil and its uniquely formulated Cuticle Smoothing Complex. Read more to discover just how the Cuticle Smoothing Complex works…

Strengthens and repairs breakage 

By adding essential protein back into hair (in the form of rice protein and rice extract), the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream’s Cuticle Smoothing Complex repairs damaged hair and split ends. The formula also improves hair elasticity to ensure your hair both looks and feels healthier. 

Protects from heat and further damage 

The Cuticle Smoothing Complex protects hair structure, protects the cortex from cracking, and protects hair against thermal styling up to 232°C. 

Smoothing and anti-frizz effects  

By coating the hair and smoothing the cuticle layer with no flaring the Cuticle Smoothing Complex delivers smooth hair results with little-to-no frizz.  

Hydration and shine 

When combined with the permeating power of argan oil, the Cuticle Smoothing Complex is able to effectively penetrate the hair cortex and add essential hydration into your locks. The result? High shine and an improved overall hair feel and texture that works on all hair types. 

The HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream is now available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.