HASK ‘Curl Cocktailing’ with Hollywood Hair Stylist Camille Friend

Are you new to the world of ‘curl cocktailing’? If you have curly, coily or wavy hair, trying this technique may just be the key to truly perfecting your locks. We speak with professional Hollywood hairstylist Camille Friend, who shares her top tips for Curl Cocktailing using the HASK Curl Care Collection.


What is Curl Cocktailing?

Simply put, curl cocktailing is about achieving and applying the ultimate styling technique for perfect weightless and defined curls. By ordering, layering and applying your HASK Curl Care products with the ideal technique, you can achieve less frizz, more definition and longer-lasting curls.


Professional Hollywood hair stylist Camille Friend shares, “I have found working with curly hair that it takes a cocktail of products to keep the hair both manageable and healthy. Not all curly hair is similar, so you do need to experiment a little and see what works best in combination.” If you’re new to Curl Cocktailing or experimenting with what works best for your hair, try Camille Friend’s favourite HASK curl cocktailing technique… both the technique and results may just surprise you!


Camille Friend’s Favourite ‘Curl Cocktail’

Camille says: “My favourite curl cocktail is mixing the HASK Curl Enhancing Mousse with the HASK Curl Shaping Jelly on damp hair and letting the hair dry naturally or using a diffuser.”


STEP 1: Apply HASK Curl Care Curl Enhancing Mousse 

Shake mousse, apply from roots to ends and scrunch upwards.


STEP 2: Apply HASK Curl Care Curl Shaping Jelly 

Glaze jelly over damp hair and scrunch into curls.


STEP 3: Dry your hair to 90-95% dry

Either dry your hair naturally or use a diffuser to dry.


Camille says: “Then, just before the hair is 100% dry, I go in with my fingertips and scrunch in some HASK Curl Defining Cream. It keeps the curls in place and shiny.”


STEP 4: Apply HASK Curl Care Curl Defining Cream 

Scrunch cream into almost-dry curls using fingertips.


Camille says: “If I find after a few hours that the curls are drooping or getting flyways, I spray a bit of the HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray. I find this works on most textures of curly hair!!”


STEP 5: Apply HASK Curl Care 5-in-1 Leave-in Spray

Touch up curls and flyaways by spraying leave-in spray. Twirl and scrunch curls, and smooth flyaways.