Hask Colour Care Ingredients

Discover the Ingredients of the HASK Colour Care Collection

The perfect pick-me-up for colour-treated hair, the HASK Colour Care Collection features a moisturising blend of all-natural ingredients. Packed full of nourishing hair heroes, the ingredients from the HASK Colour Care range provide a range of benefits for all colour-treated locks.

Just what are the ingredients behind the new HASK Colour Care range? Read on to find out…

Rose Oil 

The first hair hero from the HASK Colour Care range is rose oil. Rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, rose oil is wonderful for both scalp and hair health. The antioxidants in rose oil prevent dehydration by richly nourishing the scalp. Why is rose oil beneficial for dyed hair? When your hair is dehydrated, it will struggle to hold new pigment (dye), meaning your colour will fade quickly. Ensuring that your hair is properly hydrated can help to maintain your colour’s vibrance. Plus, rose oil adds silky lustre to hair, meaning it will leave your locks smoother and less frizzy after each use. 

Peach Fruit Extract 

HASK has paired rose oil with peach fruit extract in the Colour Care Collection in order to fight dullness. A little-known superfood, peaches are packed with nutrients that are great for hair. To combat the damage caused by dyeing your hair, which can make hair appear dull and limp, peach fruit extract nourishes and hydrates for greater lustre and vibrancy.  

Hydrolysed Quinoa  

Another greatly beneficial superfood, hydrolysed quinoa works wonders for strengthening hair. In a nutshell, protein is an essential component of hair. When you dye hair, its protein structure can become damaged. This is where hydrolysed quinoa steps in. Wonderful for strengthening your hair, this powerful ingredient adds essential protein back into your hair to strengthen it for strong hair that is less prone to breakage. 

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