Are Your Curls Receiving Enough Moisture This Winter?

Did you know that the needs of our hair change with the seasons? At the tail-end of winter, it’s common for most hair types to be feeling a little drier than usual. But this is especially true of curly hair! Keep reading to find out if you are providing your curls with enough moisture during wintertime.


Why does curly hair become dry in winter?

First of all, most curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types all year round! This is due to the structure—texture, and porosity—of curly hair types. Next, winter often causes hair to become drier due to environmental and weather conditions—lower humidity levels, more wind, and more time spent indoors with heating. As a result, your curly hair has extra moisture needs during winter!


Here’s how to ensure your curls are receiving enough moisture:


Use the HASK Curl Care line

Switching to HASK Curl Care Collection this winter could be just what your curls are crying out for! The HASK Curl Care Collection is made with really moisturising ingredients, including argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E. The line is known for adding moisture back into curly strands—without weighing the hair down—and for providing hair with the nourishment it needs to naturally enhance its curl pattern.


Deep condition

Regular deep conditioning is essential for healthy curls. If you already use a deep conditioner, it’s highly recommended that you up your frequency of use during winter to fend off dryness and frizz. Try the HASK Curl Care Intensive Deep Conditioner for a curl-quenching treatment or opt for one of HASK’s eight other hair masks depending on your other hair characteristics.


Use HASK Hair Oils

For extra protection from the elements this winter, add HASK Hair Oils into your routine. These highly absorbable oils form a protective barrier that keeps moisture ‘trapped’ in your hair, preventing it from drying out. Choose from nourishing Monoi Coconut Oil, repairing Argan Oil, and smoothing Keratin Protein.