Girls Tame Frizz

Are You Looking For a Fast Way to Tame Frizz Before Walking Out The Door?

Ever been in a rush to get ready but your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate? We get it. Whether it’s the changeable weather or locks that seem to spontaneously frizz, sometimes bad hair days just happen. HASK has seen your struggles and answered with a fast-acting product that performs the job you need it to when you’re in a rush. 

Introducing the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream

Designed to deliver an affordable salon-quality treatment when you’re at home or on-the-go, HASK’s new Miracle Damage Repair Cream with argan oil is a three-minute treatment that targets specific hair concerns. With just one use, the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream improves the appearance of split ends, smoothes hair from within to de-frizz unruly or damaged tresses, and adds hydration to all hair types to create long-lasting shine. 

The HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream goes beyond your regular leave-in conditioner or hair mask. The treatment works to target extreme hair concerns and damage that cannot be fixed with typical leave-ins. By deeply penetrating the hair shaft and cuticles, this specialty product delivers immediate relief from dullness, dryness, frizz, and breakage.  

How to get immediate results with the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream 

The HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream is a fast-acting treatment that shows immediate results. For damaged hair, or hair that needs quick de-frizzing, apply the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream to damp or dry hair, focusing on damaged sections, then style as desired. You’ll notice that your hair is instantly smoother and more manageable. 

Another reason why the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream is great for use before styling is that you can apply the product before using heat styling tools. It works as a strong thermal protectant by sealing in protective moisture before you apply heat up to 232°C. 

End your bad hair day struggles and shop the HASK Miracle Damage Repair Cream today—now available at exclusively Chemist Warehouse.